Una propuesta de recuperación económica en una economía de recesión:

un análisis de economía ecuatoriana y ciudades fronterizas.


  • Austin Obiajulu Halim Joe Universidad Politécnica Estatal del Carchi - Ecuador



Palabras clave:

seigniorage, dollarization, free -trade zone ( FTZ), Mop-up liquidity,crowding-out.


Many  critics  of  dollarization   of  Ecuadorian  economy   should  also  count  the    achievements    dollarization policy has  avail  Ecuador.  Economically,  countries  with  balance of payment problems are mandated  internationally to devalue  their  currency,  devaluation of  Ecuadorian  Sucre  would have been a  disaster  for    Ecuador   seeing  that  Ecuador  as  a  country  is  not  industrially  developed   rather  it's  operating a monotonic  economy  highly  dependent  on  export  of  crude oil and  pre-processed  agro  product. Secondly,  seignior age  which   to  Ecuador  is  a    huge  gain,  since the country  is not  responsible for the cost of printing their  official  currency.Paradoxically,  would have  been an expenses  if the government  operates      a  Sucre  economy.    Although the present  government  has  made  tremendous  changes  and  also   measurable  achievements  Kudos  to the government of  Rafael  Correa,  there  is still  enormous  economic   challenges  and Immense  gap  between  the  poor  and the reach  which    next  government  need  to  tackle  to alleviate   the  present    economic  hardship. Establishment of a free trade zone is   a panacea to conquer   challenges posed by Colombian Pesos to Ecuadorian economy.   FTZ is a  card  changer   to  minimize  brain drain from   border  provinces  and rekindle  commercial  activities  as  well  as  generate enormous employment  opportunity which will in turn  increase government revenue , exterminate  poverty  and curb  recession  being  experienced  presently  by the  economy due  to  fiscal  policies.  Tax  policy  is  economically  lucrative  in  correcting    economic anomalies  but   government  should also  take  into  consideration the  ratio of unemployment to  Employment   which directly  determines  purchasing power and  any  attempted  increment in taxation  should  be within a  stipulated  economic  period  in order to match   economic  growth  with  development.

Biografía del autor/a

  • Austin Obiajulu Halim Joe, Universidad Politécnica Estatal del Carchi - Ecuador
    Halim Austin Obiajulu Joe is a graduate of Economics from the prestigous University of Lagos Nigeria, hold an advanced level certificate in G.C.S. E A/L London, a diploma in banking and finance, TOEFL B2 certificate and a masters degree in quality education management from the North Technical University (UTN) Ibarra (Final year student). A research analyst in political economics, and scientific articles. Versatile in international political economy. Coauthored book in management of quality education. Presently, an erudite lecturer in the State Polytechnic University of Carchi (UPEC ) Tulcan.






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Una propuesta de recuperación económica en una economía de recesión:: un análisis de economía ecuatoriana y ciudades fronterizas. (2016). SATHIRI, 11, 71-85. https://doi.org/10.32645/13906925.10